Friday, 6 October 2017

Brexit Briefing: That Speech.

That was a REALLY bad day at the office. The cough was unfortunate, perhaps she should have had a contingency plan in place for the speech- asking Amber Rudd to prepare to deliver it  maybe? The content was lost amid the coughing. The silly twit who handed over the P45 should be thoroughly ashamed of himself, there might have been a moment of sheer panic before she realised what was happening. That action put her off her stride. 
The letters falling off the slogan - it all went horribly wrong.
The thing is though, that this is the government who is responsible for taking us out of the European Union. Bloody Brexit.
Are there any contingency plans in place if/when that all goes horribly wrong?
Two letters I would like to see fall to the floor are a 'B' and an 'R' .

I am no fan of Mrs May but blimey, I hope her husband has a very large 'in and 'onic waiting for her when she gets home tonight.