Tuesday, 17 October 2017

A Birthday Tribute To Noel Gallagher.

Saturday 26th April 1996- Maine Road, Manchester.
I still have my crumpled ticket, not that I need a reminder of the most brilliant night ever.
The Manic Street Preachers warmed up the crowd, the rain was drizzling but the atmosphere was electric.
Noel and Liam came on stage singing 'Round are our way the birds are singing' (sic)
The crowd surged toward the stage and the best gig ever got underway.
The lyrics didn't really matter that much- it was the tunes and the music that got under the skin, made you dance, made you sing, made you feel so good to be alive.
The adrenaline flowed, everyone loved each other, the crowd was a huge buzzing bee.
The playlist:

The Swamp Song.
Some Might Say.
Roll With It.
Morning Glory.
Cigarettes & Alcohol.
Champagne Supernova.
Cast No Shadow.
The Masterplan.
Don't Look Back In Anger.
Live Forever.
I Am The Walrus.
and then the encore..
Cum On Feel The Noize (Slade)

Now, that's what you call a play list.

After wandering through streets and streets of Coronation Street type houses we finally reached our hotel. I felt as high as a kite but no synthetic drugs were in my blood steam, just music induced euphoria.
As I pushed through the revolving doors I noticed a small guy in front of me.
It was Noel.
In my ridiculous excitement I started babbling away to a bloke I had never before set eyes on and it turned out he was a roadie with The Manics and he invited me to the after show party there in the hotel.
I found myself in the hotel with Noel and Meg, Liam and Patsy and the rest of Oasis as well as The Manics.

I couldn't believe how ridiculously 'cool' Noel was, you would never have imagined that he had just performed a literally supersonic gig of a gig, one that would go down in history.

It was the best night. Still makes me smile.
Noel and His High Flying Birds have a new album coming out on November 24.
Entitled ' Who Built the Moon?'
Can't wait.
Happy Birthday Noel. XX