Friday, 8 September 2017

Politicians Discuss The EU Withdrawal Bill. aka 'An Astonishing Monstrosity.'

'The Bill, as it stands is an astonishing monstrosity.' Dominic Grieve, Conservative, Beaconsfield, gives his opinion on the EU Withdrawal Bill this afternoon. (7/9/2017)

Tom Brake (Lib Dem Spokesperson, Exiting the European Union) described the Bill as 'a sow's ear, and a 'power grab' by ministers.He has deep concerns regarding Human Rights.

There are concerns in The House that by exiting the EU, Great Britain will have a less democratic society than it has now. Immigration, Economic Independence and Sovereignty are major issues.

There are worries about the Henry V111 Clauses particularly Clause 7 and Clause 9. The fact that the Bill does not deliver any clarity is another cause for concern.
There appears to be a lack of safeguards in place.

So all in all it does indeed appear that The Bill, in its present form is 'an astonishing monstrosity.'

To be continued.