Friday, 8 September 2017

Brexit Briefing: 'An Astonishing Monstrosity.'

'The Bill, as it stands is an astonishing monstrosity.' Dominic Grieve, Conservative, Beaconsfield, gives his opinion on the EU Withdrawal Bill this afternoon. (7/9/2017)

Tom Brake (Lib Dem Spokesperson, Exiting the European Union) described the Bill as 'a sow's ear, and a 'power grab' by ministers.He has deep concerns regarding Human Rights.

There are concerns in The House that by exiting the EU, Great Britain will have a less democratic society than it has now. Immigration, Economic Independence and Sovereignty are major issues.

There are worries about the Henry V111 Clauses particularly Clause 7 and Clause 9. The fact that the Bill does not deliver any clarity is another cause for concern.
There appears to be a lack of safeguards in place.

So all in all it does indeed appear that The Bill, in its present form is 'an astonishing monstrosity.'

To be continued.