Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Brexit Briefing :Chaotic Politics.

Britain is in chaos and our politicians are to blame.
I think the problem lies with too many 'career politicians.' We see this so much today and it must alienate a lot of voters who are struggling with everyday, real-life issues.
There's nothing more annoying than listening to views about the NHS, the rail service, dealing with bureaucracy,  the reality of unemployment, social care etc from people who have never experienced these issues.

Also, it seems to me that politicians have a mind-set that is fact based, but that's all. They seem to be lacking in intuition, and that all important sixth sense.
They simply don't 'understand' people.

This was so evident in the EU referendum. People were pleased to be given a voice but that voice wasn't really to do with our membership of the EU. For a lot of people it was a protest vote against their personal circumstances. Their lives were hard, they wanted something to blame.

If the question in the referendum had been: Do you believe our membership of the EU to be disparaging to your life chances? Yes/No.  What would the result have been?

People would have wondered what on earth they were voting for or against.

And since the referendum those very people who thought their voice had been heard are now finding that actually it hadn't.

The same goes in the US. Rallying calls for a 'Very big this or a very big that' won over the voters.

We need politicians who have lived a life outside of parliament. Real men and women who are in touch with real people.

People who can 'read' the mood of the nation, empathise and really want to work toward a better future.