Friday, 25 August 2017

Brexit Briefing: Policy?

I watched an interesting 'A Conversation With...'  programme the other day, the guest being Nigel Lawson. (Ex- Chancellor under Margaret Thatcher))

Mr Lawson was explaining that although he backed Brexit and thought it about time we left the European Union he was at pains to explain the crucial points of policy.
Policy. Policy. Policy. 
He could not re-iterate his point enough. 
No decision, he said was a good decision unless the policy behind it, ahead of it and by its side (my words) was well researched, strong and ultimately do-able and in the best interests of Britain.
A weak policy should not be given the light of day.

In my opinion, there was never ANY policy for Brexit.

Although I am a Remainer I believe for the sake of democracy that Brexit is sent back to the drawing board.

When (and if) a sound Brexit POLICY is written it can then be discussed in The House and The House of Lords and then ( after amendments and in full) be given into the public domain.

After a period in which we can absorb, research and examine the policy we will be invited to vote in another referendum. 

Meanwhile the 2016 referendum is declared null and void.