Friday, 4 August 2017

Brexit Briefing: Transition Period.

Brexit died a death as soon as the words 'transition period' were mentioned. 

They appear in every article concerning the process of leaving the EU and are pounced upon by our cousins in the EU. (Quite rightly in my opinion as the words make a mockery of the 'leaving process.')

You can't 'leave' a little bit and over time.
You announce the time of your departure and on that date you leave.

The good thing being that once you have left you could perhaps return.

Our government's dithering, hesitating ,faltering and fluctuating position over Brexit, what it actually means and when it will take place will be the death of it.

'Transition period' has been eased into the Brexit talks to replace the non-entity that was ' No deal is better than a bad deal.'

The Leavers have been well and truly duped.