Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Brexit Briefing: A State of Emergency.

As a UK citizen residing within the European Union can I declare a 'State of Emergency'

My reasons:
A really rather reckless referendum.
A lot of porkies.
A minority government in disarray.
A total confusion on exit strategy.
A Prime Minister on her last legs.
A total lack of cohesion within the government.
A feeling of absolute dread that my country is making the biggest mistake in its entire history.

As a nation clinging onto the our membership of the EU are there ANY statutes that the EU can bring forth to change the direction we are going in? Over the edge of the cliff that is.
Please Macron, Merkel etc hatch a plan and save us from ourselves.
Even if it's a gracious (but long) breathing space while our annoying politicians sort themselves out.