Saturday, 20 January 2018

Brexit Briefing: A Mistake or a Calamity?

June 2016, after the result of the referendum the mood of the Brexiteers was high, they were delighted in their ' win.' As a Remainer I was shocked and disappointed at the result but took it upon myself to wonder why and how I had misread the mood of the nation.
I maintain my view that for a lot of people the EU Referendum vote was a protest vote against personal circumstances.
However, the vote was to leave the EU and now (perversely) I feel those brazen Brexiteers have been dealt a disservice. Those very ideals they voted for have been broken down, put into a transition period or diluted as to make them an irrelevance.
The lies on the bus are known as lies on the bus.
The politicians are the last at the party propped up against the fridge, in the kitchen, staring into the dregs. Or they are not at the party at all. They weren't invited.
Ironically the Europe we voted to leave in 2016 is now on its uppers. France and Germany are enjoying a reconciliation in friendship.
Europe is united against the threat and incidence of terrorism.
The Brexit negotiations are a disaster and an embarrassment.
Europe is laughing at Little Britain.
Our demands will not be met.
We seem to be asking for all the benefits of membership of the union but simply do not want to pay the administration fees.
Great Britain will be far better off in the European Union.
It wasn't broke therefore why fix it?
Britain will be isolated, financially worse off, disrespected and alone if we leave the EU.
Exit Brexit.
Future generations will accept a mistake but not a calamity.