Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Brexit Briefing: The Battle of the Lions and the Leopards.

The Leopards, David Davis, Boris Johnson, Liam fox and Michael Gove, the advocates of Brexit presented us with a situation where Britain would be better off both politically and economically.
To adopt or even envisage the compromises necessary for agreement with the rest of the EU would be to recognise that Brexit was sold to the British electorate on a false prospectus.
Far from improving the UK's position in the world Brexit can only diminish it.
The Brexit choices are:
Minimum change from the status quo.
Maximum change from the status quo.
Half-way house between the two.

All of which are inferior to the present state of affairs.

The Lions, Philip Hammond, Damien Green and Amber Rudd need to ROAR.

Mrs May needs to admit that Britain needs to Exit Brexit , and take herself off into the long grass to lick her wounds. 

The Leopards have never been and never will be the kings of the jungle.