Monday, 17 July 2017

Brexit Briefing: The Best Deal?

Brexit has turned into Hard Brexit or No Deal Brexit. 
What happened to 'the best deal for Britain'?
Why is David Davis allowed to decide that we to leave the customs union and the single market?
Did every voter in the referendum know the difference between the  customs union and the single market and did they take their studious views as a basis for our future trading relations with Europe?
Does it not seem unarguable that if we put between us and the biggest free market in the world new tariffs, new regulatory barriers, new customs procedures, certificates of origin etc we are bound to be weakening the economic position from what it would otherwise have been?

Why are we going backwards?

Why are we allowing ourselves to be so distracted by Brexit to the exclusion of what needs to be done for the future?

The NHS, schools, the workplace, communities, the retired, the young, the old, all are  affected by this backward looking nonsense that is Brexit because they are not getting the attention they deserve.

All Britain's allies and friends, from Australia, Canada, India, Japan and the US to London's 27 EU partners had urged British voters to Remain in the EU. It is hard to think of anyone beyond Britain's borders who is happy with this stupid decision to Brexit. 

Mrs May needs to don her 'Revolutionary' hat and find a way of aborting Brexit in order that she can get on with the job as PM.

It might do wonders for her future. Be brave Mrs May. SAVE YOUR NATION.