Thursday, 17 August 2017

Comment: No Child Is Born Evil.

People are not 'born' evil.
These terrorists have 'learned' to take an evil path. Therefore someone has 'taught' them to believe the path of their evil is not only the correct path but a path that will lead them to some sort of honour and martyrdom.
Someone has 'taught' them to such an extent that we can say 'brainwashed' them to truly believe their views are correct but not only that, they are brainwashed to believe that the views of others are not simply incorrect but abhorrently wrong, distasteful and disgusting.
They are taught to disrespect western civilisation- yet curiously don't mind living in a western civilisation alongside members of their extended families.
They find themselves living within a tolerant society yet they themselves are intolerant to the extreme.
They find themselves torn in a frustration of secretly wanting to be a 'westerner' while being brainwashed into seeing western society as the root of all evil.
Who is playing with their emotions? Who is sending a drip, drip, drip set of notions into their heads? Who is preying on the mixed up emotions of teenagers? An age when it is perfectly acceptable to rebel. Yes, maybe get ten earrings or a few tattoos as in Western society. But to rebel in Islamic enclaves?  Do they choose their own rebellion? Are they actively encouraged to the path of extremism, carnage, murder?
The bottom line is with the Imams. They MUST take more responsibility within their communities. They must be held to greater account on the behaviours of those in their midst. The Muslim communities and Muslim families must step up and take responsibility.