Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Brexit Briefing: Kenneth Clarke.

'I believe that membership of the European Union was the way in which we got out of the appalling state we were in when we discovered after Suez that we had no role in the world that we were clear about once we had lost our empire, and our economy was becoming a laughing stock because we were falling behind the countries on the continent that had been devastated in the war but appeared to have a better way of proceeding than we did.' Kenneth Clarke February 2. 2017 The Times.

And now we have to leave.

I have no confidence in the government, any that existed has steadily ebbed away drip by drip each day. It is clear that they are divided, it seems apparent that there is no joined-up thinking, it seems as if there is bitter rivalry among the ranks and that the leader has lost control.
How on earth are they to be trusted to negotiate new tariffs, new regulatory barriers, new customs procedures, certificates of origin etc etc
A vote of no confidence is necessary and the result of the referendum overturned.