Friday, 2 June 2017

Brexit Briefing: The Devil You Know.

Britain is doing fine being a member of the EU. 

'Better the devil you know' is my opinion.

If I found myself PM on June 9th I would make my first task ( after eating a croissant and drinking a double espresso) to reassure the other member states that Brexit was indeed a protest vote but that new negotiations on our membership were necessary.

Through intelligent and peaceful debate ( bit worrying as TM doesn't DO debates, and let's face it, she is much more likely to be PM than me))  I would attempt to re-draw the lines that upset the Brexiteers, but then, what are they?

Too many immigrants? Erm, who was your consultant in A&E last week when your child fell off the roundabout in the playground?

Fishing rights? Do you think Brexit will mean we can keep all the fish? Who will buy the fish when tariffs have been put on the cost of export? 

Safe travel? No, travelling and safety in travelling will be horribly curtailed. Our skies will not be safe.

Terrorism?  We will be much less safe on leaving the EU due to curtailment of information.

Human Rights?  The European Court of Human Rights will no longer be there to protect your , er, human rights.

Banks and Financial Services? Au revoir Londres.

There is so much more to unpick and re-instate.

Bloody Brexit.

And we haven't even begun to discuss domestic issues. 

I am not taking part in any debates. I might talk to you in the park.