Friday, 16 June 2017

Brexit Briefing: Where Do We Call Home?

Mrs May's position as Prime Minister has become untenable. 
Before becoming PM, Mrs May was Home Secretary responsible for home affairs, the police, citizenship etc.
She has come under fire for cutting police numbers when the threat and indeed incidents of actual terrorism are escalating at an alarming rate. We need more nurses, more police and more fire fighters -not less- to deal with these incidents.

'The fire' (that's how it will be remembered) has left a horrifying Syria-like symbol, the burnt husk of a building, a looming  menace on the skyline of the capital. A symbol of so much of what has gone wrong. So many dead, so many missing, such a cruel waste of innocent lives. Why did the building alight so ferociously? 

The weeping and the wailing. 

Who did we need on this , the most terrifying of nights?
The fire-fighters and the police and the nurses.

Where does the buck stop?
With the Home Secretary at the time of the refurbishment? The council? 

It seems almost wrong to bring Brexit into the equation, a bit disrespectful so I'll say only this:
The appetite for Brexit has gone. We have too many other issues to worry about. There is a new optimism in Europe, it seems to be getting strong again.
We need to be in and not out of Europe.

We need a PM who is prepared to listen to the mood of the people. We haven't got one.

And tonight there will indeed be, thousands and thousands of people who will not be sleeping safely in their beds.