Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Brexit Briefing: Skewed Facts.

We are a sensible nation who were asked to cast our votes in a referendum unlike any other in our history. The facts we were given were skewed or blatant lies.
I think it fair to say that a lot of people who were thoroughly fed up at the time, for various reasons, stomped along to the polling station and firmly indented their cross in the box that seemed  to give vent to their fury.
Months go by and those people are busy getting on with their real lives and probably don't give their vote a fleeting thought.
52% of those who voted chose to 'leave' the EU.
But 48% voted to remain in the EU.
The entire future of our nation is being decided on a measly 4% majority.

We now find that the leader of our nation has NO majority with which to steer the course of  the Brexit ship through the most turbulent of waters.

Leaving aside the rather (in my opinion) odious thought of aligning ourselves with the DUP  in order to gain a majority, is it really impossible to have a total re-think?

Surely even the hard-line Brexiteers would be prepared to talk, to compromise and to be sensible about the entire disaster that Brexit has become?