Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Brexit Briefing: The Right Wing Press.

In my opinion the nasty right wing press along with Mrs May all shot themselves in the feet during the campaign. Which is amusingly ironic. 
The ridiculous Daily Mail got its knickers in a right old twist- I scanned some of the bile written there while visiting my old dad. (I would not be seen dead with a copy of that rag ) The almost hysterical  ' Jeremy is SO horrible, no we mean really.really horrible' tosh was childish and ineffectual. The treatment of Diane Abbott was bordering on cruelty and to be honest quite shameful
There's only so much hate one can take and by dishing out so much it became counter-productive.
Add  to that the awful May campaign. May could probably get a job playing a Dalek in the next series of Doctor Who...'S_T_R_O_N_G _A_N_D_S_T_A_B_L_E etc and the other annoying boring soundbites.
The refusal to debate, well, we're not daft- if she is too scared to debate will she also be too scared to negotiate?
Then we have the Lib-Dem's who fell at the first post with the cannabis and the spaniel debacles.
And all through this embarrassing mess we have a clearly bemused JC  talking sense and being, shock, horror, quite a nice bloke.
So along with policies like 'Push a Pensioner Down The Stairs Policy' and 'The Kids Can Eat Cake Policy' the disgraceful press reporting and the snobby assumption that May would simply carry it off backfired in stupendous fashion.