Thursday, 1 June 2017

Brexit Briefing: In Reply To David Aaronovitch.

(In reply to David Aaronovitch . The Times. May 31.2017

Oh dear.

.."They see Theresa May as playing an old person's game: narrow, defensive, punitive and lacking in optimism"- was such a miserable description it made me laugh out loud (LOL) 

I have always talked politics to my daughters who are aged 30 and 27- and we have had many lively debates. We all voted Remain. (I didn't twist their arms, honest)

I have more faith in 'the young' than they seem to be afforded. 

Perhaps we should encourage the miserable, bitter grandparents and older parents to debate the election with their younger family members. 
Hopefully after listening to the narrow, defensive, punitive and pessimistic views of the oldies the younger generation will hot-foot it to the polling stations in an effort to fight for their rights and brighten their world.

I hope they do.