Monday, 26 June 2017

Brexit Briefing: In reply to Matthew Parris. The Times: June 24th 2017

In his comment piece today, Matthew states:

Our choice is a hard Brexit-or turning back.

'To turn back would still be a national humiliation, though'

Would it? I don't think anyone should feel humiliated, this isn't a game.  Exactly a year has passed since the referendum and every day we seem to learn a bit more about what we have let ourselves in for, and in my opinion, the more forthcoming the information the worse the situation seems to be.

The Remainers, and I am one, would sigh with relief if we could exit Brexit but there would be absolutely no gloating. I think we could all learn valuable lessons from this huge blip in our democratic process. 
The EU have far more important matters to deal with and would probably just accept and be thankful for a change of heart in GB.

Then we can all just get on with our lives without this silly nonsense holding everybody back, causing bad feeling, confusion,economic uncertainty and so many other negative effects.