Monday, 29 May 2017

Update: Bloody Brexit

I think that there will be a low turn out of voters on June 8th.

There has been so much confusion about what 'Brexit' actually means since the referendum. A lot of people used their vote on that historic day to vent their feelings, upset and anger concerning their personal situations.

To find themselves now confronted with the loss of free school meals for their children, (Parents targeted) or to worry about the older generation and their social care (Parents and adult children targeted) Older relatives who have chosen to live abroad and their rights after Brexit (Those people themselves and their families targeted)

What do we have on the table?

A Prime Minister who describes her attitude as 'strong and stable'  and who means 'Brexit Means Brexit' without telling any of us what Brexit actually does mean (does she know herself I wonder) A woman who does not inspire confidence when interviewed and who refuses live television debates. A woman who has flooded the streets with soldiers following an atrocious terrorist attack , an attack that may have been prevented had the austerity cuts under her watch not occurred. 

And then we have Jeremy Corbyn, the underdog in the election. A man who has excellent oratory skills, a passionate man who manages to put his message across with plain speaking and an honesty we are not used to hearing. His speeches seem to address issues and not ideals.

I suspect though that the initial passion and action involved in the referendum will have dimmed and been replaced by apathetic torpor, disillusionment and downright disappointment in our political elite.

Which is a shame as we are about to walk over a big white cliff into the not so beautiful briny sea.

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