Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Mental Health Awareness Week; Staying Small.

Growth and change can be uncomfortable so we 'stay small.'

Other people would not understand a 'new you' so you' stay small.'

If you 'stay small' you will continue to fit in, you can keep plodding along.

All pervasive conforming keeps you small and can lock you into a self-image you may not like.

 Humans are pack animals and as such we tend to move with the herd, go with the flow. This can be detrimental to our mental health. Do you feel locked into conformity?  Do you have to dress a certain way to succeed in your job? Is this way of dressing denying your creativity? Are you being moulded into a person you don't really want to be?

Is your relationship in a rut? Are you stuck in a routine? Are you conforming to a relationship stereotype?

Have you found yourself in a job which is actually stifling your core character? Are you in accounts when you would be better suited to the art department?

Are you afraid to change ? Do you wonder whether your friends would be able to accept a new you?

How would your life change if you chose not to 'stay small' but became dynamic, sociable, fun, loud, proud and internally very, very tall?

Let's do some Soulwork.
Soulwork is the process of working on your soul. This is done through the active practice of self-discovery, acceptance and healing.
As Master Lao Tzu once said,
"One who knows others is intelligent. One who knows himself is enlightened."
(Tao Te Ching verse 33)


What does your spirit love? What makes you laugh, excited, happy, exhilarated? Is it painting, dancing, walking, reading, singing,
Decide to OWN what you love. Embrace it. Practice it. Become it.

Writing assignment: With no holds barred and letting your imagination run free write about who you are going to be.
If you could look your best what would you look like? How can you transform your look?
If you could do what you wanted all day what would you do?
If you were  a vibration what would you be? Calm/ quiet/loud/ joyous?
If you could start over and choose new friends who would they be?
If you could change your life what would your new life look like?

The Power of Music.
Music is SO powerful. It has the ability to transform your energy.
Music has the power to transform the vibration of you.
Think of the new, tall you. What music do you like? Is it rock/indie/ soul/ dance/ classical?
Experiment with different music,
Joy, hope, optimism, power and of course harmony can be discovered in the new music you choose.

Change the Routine.
Disrupt your routine.
Drive a different route to work, see new sights.
Change your food shop, change the types of food you eat. Discover new food.
Get out of your comfort zone.

Clear the Decks.
Be ruthless. Go through your house (or where you live) and throw out all that is junk, old magazines, clutter, useless stuff. Tidy and clean.
Create room for new and clean energy to flow in.

Curate a New Image,
The way we look means so much to us and those around us.
Get a new look by thinking about textiles, fabrics, colours.
Think about the energy of spirit in colours, bold reds, thoughtful greys, sombre black, innocent and clean whites, gregarious golds.
What historical fashion era are you/ 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's ....
Research the 'look' you wish to achieve.
You can change the way you look anytime you like,
Dress for you and not what you think you should represent. Are you dressing as a sensible parent when inside you feel like a happy hippy?
Buy new shoes and see how wearing them shifts your energy.
New colours, new bags.
New hair?  New colour. New energy.

Love the new you.
Love your new outlook.
When you love yourself , your aura will shift, you will attract more positive energy.
Love your abilities, your mind, your sense of humour, your kindness. Love you.

And.......STAND TALL.

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