Friday, 26 May 2017

Brexit, The Wrong Road.

I think Mrs May feels she should deal with 'Brexit' as that is the plan on the table. She can probably be shrewd, analytical and precise in her dealings with the EU and by being astute and clever she probably imagines she is on the right road. However, she could do with a liberal dose of realism, warmth, empathy , wit and objectivity in her dealings with the EU.

The problem is, for me anyway, is that if the Remain vote had prevailed she would be taking her same attitudes to placate the Brexiteers.

I find her to be disingenuous.  And somewhat dangerous. 

If Hammond disagrees with her will it be 'off with his head' ?

Mrs May might benefit from realising that although logical thinking is a good thing, a healthy dose of realism does not go amiss.