Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Brexit Briefing: In reply to Daniel Finkelstein.

Hmm, interesting but it's not all about policies is it?

What about personalities?  

Mrs May with her insistence on using 'I' instead of 'we' (the Conservative Party) is grating on my nerves. Who does she think she is for heaven's sake, and her 'unsure' and'hurt' face in interviews isn't doing her any favours. 
She began the election campaign with quite a high opinion of herself and almost scoffs at the very idea of Jeremy Corbyn even being allowed to scrape the dirt from her kitten heel.

This attitude makes me feel uneasy. I am concerned that she will take her somewhat 'holier than thou' attitude into the Brexit negotiations, well, I say negotiations but there again Mrs May's seems to be drawing up the battle lines and if the first battle isn't won decisively  is she going to flounce away, hurt face, unsure face,  leaving us all with no deal at the first hurdle?

Neither strong nor stable. 
As always in politics: action speaks louder than words.