Friday, 27 January 2017

Donald Trump - The Geminian

Versatility is the hallmark of Sun sign Geminians. This is the first dual sign of the zodiac, and its subjects find it essential to pursue several courses of action at once. They also need to communicate on all levels. Their potential can be expressed in many ways, but especially through the media. This need for communication is so strong that they will tweet on every conceivable subject  and will happily chat to someone in the bus queue if no-one else is available.

The Geminian versatility and communicative skills should ideally be used in the chosen career. Many do very well working in the media and are also known as the natural salespeople of the zodiac, doing well in department stores, advertising and as commercial travellers. Their need for change and variety should not be ignored: predictable routine is inimical to them. So is solitary work, but when a Geminian acquires a lonely top job, he will never fail to listen to former colleagues, although this doesn't mean that their advice will be accepted. a full and free interchange of ideas, and the batting to and fro of opinions, is important.
In business, Geminians can be highly shrewd and cunning, and if they apply these characteristics to making money they often do extremely well, although sometimes a faulty decision, perhaps too hastily made, will result in financial collapse.
This is not an overly ambitious sign, but the Gemini imagination will happily enjoy success before it is actually achieved.

Superficiality is the worst Geminian fault, and should be controlled- these people tend to know a little about many subjects, and sometimes fail to acquire truly deep knowledge of the things that really interest them. An ability to assimilate knowledge can work well under certain conditions but it is important for these Geminians to realise the necessity for deep thought and seriously based opinions on some subjects.
A tendency to inconsistency is another problem, the Geminian need for variety and change makes it all too easy for these people to start a great many different projects but then leave a lot of them unfinished. However, awareness of this trait can help counter it.

There is a very powerful critical streak in every Geminian, which can be more damning than they realise and causes them to upset and deflate others, this can be tempered with humour and softened with praise.

Note: The monkey, quick witted and full of tricks is a Geminian animal!

Sunday, 22 January 2017

The Trump Effect on Fashion.

Fashion itself is a reliable reflection of social, cultural ,economic and political change. And boy 'The Times They-Are-A-Changin''. I wonder what effect the Trump era will have on fashion?

I think the first noticeable change will be in the boob department. I predict that boobs will be taking a back seat. I reckon we (well, us girls) will be buttoning up our blouses pretty pronto. When women want to be taken seriously they need to look serious. In the US the women will be feeling thwarted, frantic and afraid of what their futures hold for them and their daughters. It is time for them to re-group, show solidarity, button up and go to war to reassert themselves and their power.
Already the disappearance of the bosom can be noticed on the red carpet with high-necked gowns overtaking the plunging necklines which already seem embarrassing and naff.
The sales of plunge bras have plummeted while the sales of t-shirt bras, un-padded bras and bra-lets have increased. Women want to feel like women again.  Strong, feminine and natural. The inner lioness is ready to roar. She may be in the long grass licking her wounds for a while but she will be back fiercely protecting her cubs, after having fed them of course.

I think legs will become the focal part of the fashionable body. Long and strong, showing the ability to kick ass. A little bit of lithe leg peaking from the side of a long evening gown evokes a sensation of power and strength. But is classy and feminine at the same time.

For work I think very smart, no nonsense is the dress of the day. Not severe though.Women do not need to adopt a masculine attitude in dress or mind.

Hair is an interesting one. I can imagine returning to the buttoned up Victorian era. Masses of beautiful long hair for night time but tucked up tight for the daytime. A return to the hair pin. This styling will lend an air of mystery and be fun to manage. At the beach we can have playful plaits, in the boardroom, a no-nonsense bun. For peace loving people hippie hair can make a comeback. I foresee a return of the afro to represent a fierce sense of black pride.

Fashion can make loud statements but it doesn't need to shout.
Fashion allows people to express themselves, their personal identity, their culture and their talents.
Fashion can change politics.
Fashion is powerful. Use it.