Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Emotive Intuition and the Victory of Donald Trump.

Good Morning America.

Half of the American people (well, nearly half) will have been nursing their first coffee of the day feeling rather sick. Think of us Brits on June 24th, (well, nearly half of us.We feel your pain) 
A vast disillusionment would be setting in: that as of now the romantic idealisation of America is dead.
As they shift uncomfortably in their chairs they will come to the conclusion that there may not be a happy ending to the novel that is their homeland.
Nearly half of the American people presumed that their fellow citizens still believed in a more liberal approach to life, a bit more of a leaning toward racial harmony and sexual equality; believed them to be an open and tolerant lot, believed them to be, well, more like themselves. It comes as a horrible shock to realise that it's actually you in the minority. It's actually you who voted for the losing campaign.
It's horrible to realise that perhaps you overlooked those fellow Americans, mainly white people, living in mainly rural areas who don't share your views on what it's like to be an American citizen. Those people who base their values on blood and soil, traditional patriarchy and racial hierarchy.
It is very unsettling to learn that the fragile harmony of your political song has been shattered.
But politics is a reckless game.. The American people, like the British people, wanted change, any change and they tuned into their emotive intuition get that change. The problem being that when anger or fear are deployed as the driving motivators for political action, the capacity for discernment is muted to say the least.
We voted for Brexit, you voted for Trump.
When the dust has settled and the shock has worn off a bit you will be able to sit back and ponder the problems that brought you to this point in your history. This will require a good look at yourself and your belief system. It will require you to look properly at our world today and what it has become. 
Then it will be up to you to step up to the plate, edit your novel and start writing the sequel.

God Bless America.

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