Wednesday, 23 November 2016

A Picture of 1966.

1966. Oil on card by Celia Turner.

Here is a painting to celebrate 1966, the year in which many of my peers were born. 50 years seems like a long time ago yet also not that long. In England the year is best remembered for the winning of the World Cup against West Germany, good job we have that memory at least. (Well, I don't remember it as such and all it gets in the painting is a little goal at the bottom of the picture)
Other notable events that took place in 1966 included:
The last UK concert by The Beatles.
John Lennon meets Yoko Ono.
Anti- Vietnam war protests all over US and London, Tokyo, Stockholm and Lyon.
Cigarette packs started to carry health warnings.
USSR launches Lunar 9 towards the moon.
Dow Jones index reaches 995 points.
It's the 23rd Golden Globes.
Ba-ath party takes power in Syria.
Muhammad Ali beats George Chuvala in 15 rounds.
215,000 US soldiers are in Vietnam.
Harold Wilson (Labour) wins the General Election.
Soviet Lunar 10 completes its first orbit of the moon.
Andy Warhol films The Velvet Underground.
Frank Sinatra records 'Strangers in the Night.'
Muhammad Ali TKO's Henry Cooper in 6 rounds.
2,400 people attend The White House Conference on civil rights.
The period of relative peace following WW11 exceeds that following WW1.
Brian Jones' final appearance as a Rolling Stone.
Muhammad Ali KO's Brian London in 3 for heavyweight title.
Lunar Orbiter 1 takes first photograph of earth from the moon.
Race riots in US.
'Monkees' premieres on NBC TV.
Walt Disney dies.
Five inches of rain fall on NYC.
The National Organisation of Women is founded.
Jimi Hendrix writes 'Purple Haze' backstage at the Upper Cut Club.
Monkees' 'I'm a Believer' hits number 1 and stays there for seven weeks.
The cult classic 'One Million Years BC' starring Raquel Welch is released.

Our mums were wearing mini skirts, our dads were wearing flowery shirts.
And here we are, fifty years later.
I wonder how I would paint a picture of 2016?

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