Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Vogue. Happy One Hundred Years.

Oil on card by Celia Turner

Vogue magazine was 'born' in 1916 during WW1 when shipping in the US magazine became impossible.
There are obviously thousands of iconic, fabulous photos taken by a myriad of amazing photographers.
A quick google search will provide lots of information about the models, photographers and clothes but for me, a much overlooked prize to be found among the glossy pages of Vogue are the articles themselves, always written in an artistic fashion, well-researched, relevant and thoroughly absorbing.
A stand-out article for me this year would be
Goodbye To All That?
by Cressida Connolly

Cressida reflects on an enduring love affair with the Continent, and why Brexit . more than any other political question. is an emotional issue.
Published in the June issue the article serves as a poignant reminder of days gone by, although Cressida could not have known this at the time of writing.

The painting above is my tribute to 100 years of Vogue.

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