Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Emotive Intuition and Brexit.

Image result for picture of david cameron as he resigned
David Cameron announcing his resignation 24 June 2016.

During his resignation speech David Cameron said "We should be proud of the fact that in these islands we trust the people for these big decisions." In my opinion his body language told me a different story. My intuition, (another 70's trait) told me that he was absolutely gutted at the decision to leave the EU and was struggling to understand how people could have been so recklessly stupid. As he finished the speech he may well have said ," Right, you bunch of t******' now you can get on with it, I'm off."
The referendum was a massive political gamble and one that I don't think should have ever been undertaken. What is the point of politicians if such huge decisions are left to the masses of uninformed, angry, disillusioned, fearful, desperate voters who couldn't possibly have been  informed enough as to the consequences of such an overwhelmingly life changing decision?  The result of the referendum will have consequences which will last long after the deaths of the people who voted for it. Politicians and Prime Ministers should have that responsibility not the average man or woman on the street.
Politics is reckless. The British public wanted change, any change, a boot up the bum to the political elite, that mass of  nameless faces ruling from their ivory towers and they tuned into their emotive intuition. The problem being that when anger or fear are deployed as the driving motivators for political action, the capacity for discernment is muted, to say the least.The problems in Britain aren't really linked to the EU, the problems are more to do with social class, the haves and the have-nots,  These are the problems that should be addressed by our political parties, the politicians need to take care of their own back yards yet ironically the Brexit vote will take our politicians further away from the problems at home as they have to deal with the consequences of a vote that should never have taken place.
In the future I can imagine our grandchildren looking back at this time in our history with bemused horror.

And across The Pond will the voters tune into their emotive intuition and vote for Trump?

A little part of me thinks that one day Boris will become Prime Minister and stand up to say that it's all been a nonsense and a colossal waste of time and as Prime Minister he is going to cancel the whole silly ruddy idea that was Brexit.

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