Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Brexit and Kenneth Clarke.

'I believe that membership of the European Union was the way in which we got out of the appalling state we were in when we discovered after Suez that we had no role in the world that we were clear about once we had lost our empire, and our economy was becoming a laughing stock because we were falling behind the countries on the continent that had been devastated in the war but appeared to have a better way of proceeding than we did.' Kenneth Clarke February 2. 2017 The Times.

And now we have to leave.

I have no confidence in the government, any that existed has steadily ebbed away drip by drip each day. It is clear that they are divided, it seems apparent that there is no joined-up thinking, it seems as if there is bitter rivalry among the ranks and that the leader has lost control.
How on earth are they to be trusted to negotiate new tariffs, new regulatory barriers, new customs procedures, certificates of origin etc etc
A vote of no confidence is necessary and the result of the referendum overturned.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Brexit: Settled Status.

Here is the application form for 'Settled Status.' 

You will be needing a wheelbarrow to transport it to your home.

And a lawyer to help you fill it in.

And a very large amount of ink.

We will probably lose it at some point upon its return to this office. We apologise in advance.

Not all applications will be successful.

The decision of this office is final.

No correspondence will be entered into.

Good luck with your application.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Brexit. In reply to Matthew Parris. The Times: June 24th 2017

In his comment piece today, Matthew states:

Our choice is a hard Brexit-or turning back.

'To turn back would still be a national humiliation, though'

Would it? I don't think anyone should feel humiliated, this isn't a game.  Exactly a year has passed since the referendum and every day we seem to learn a bit more about what we have let ourselves in for, and in my opinion, the more forthcoming the information the worse the situation seems to be.

The Remainers, and I am one, would sigh with relief if we could exit Brexit but there would be absolutely no gloating. I think we could all learn valuable lessons from this huge blip in our democratic process. 
The EU have far more important matters to deal with and would probably just accept and be thankful for a change of heart in GB.

Then we can all just get on with our lives without this silly nonsense holding everybody back, causing bad feeling, confusion,economic uncertainty and so many other negative effects.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Brexit. One Year After The Referendum.

I am extremely unhappy that I am to be stripped of my European citizenship.

I have absolutely no faith in the Brexit  process.

I feel embarrassed to be a (reluctant)  victim of a warped democratic process.

I am angry that HM government is so weak and wobbly.

I am very angry that while GB is under siege from terrorists we are turning our backs on our allies.

I am disgusted to be living in a country where the richest borough fiddles the books and a towering inferno occurs killing dozens of innocent people.

I support the ECHR. (I dread to think what would be going on without it)

I have no faith in our PM.

I would accept an olive branch from Tusk. 

Why is this happening? Does anyone really BELIEVE Brexit is a good idea? And I mean, 'believe' not just a stubborn 'we won, get over it' stupid answer.

Donald Tusk said today that he can 'imagine' GB deciding to stay after all and he quotes John Lennon.I do hope he's right. 
It's exactly one year ago today that we held the referendum. The country is still split. The government has a minority and is in a mess. The Brexit talks are underway, Theresa May is being as stubborn as ever. 
Here is my version of 'Imagine.'

Imagine there's no Brexit
It's easy if you try
No hell ahead of us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Bloody Brexit.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Brexit: Hard, Soft, Poached, Boiled, Scrambled or Fried?


Everyone has a different view on Brexit: hard, soft, poached, boiled, scrambled or fried.

I suggest The Times and The Sunday Times launch a campaign to over-turn the result of the referendum.

It is abundantly clear that the politicians cannot agree on what Brexit actually means.

How then, could the voters have known what leaving or remaining in the EU actually meant as they popped their cross in that damned box?


Ban Brexit.

Keith Grant 
So the talk now is of managed immigration, as all but the wildest Brexiters recognise is needed as the economy will collapse otherwise. Germany has hinted some version of this might be possible. Even Ukip supports it.
So why bother with Brexit and risk the huge economic and trade disruption it will bring? Stay in the single market and customs union, especially as the European economy starts to rev up and Britain's stagnates.
As to taking back sovereignty, this government has shown what a pig's ear they have made of what they control now. The UK in any case is not in the euro, not in Schengen. The take back control line is a joke. It's about time the nation realised it has been mugged by the Tory party over Brexit.
Such a waste of time.

@Keith Grant Everyday there are more and more people who would be in total agreement with everything you are saying.
If Rupert Murdoch read the comments under every single article that has anything at all to do with Brexit even he would change his tune. (Going back to well before the actual referendum)
There is simply no appetite for Brexit.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Brexit Unpicked.

What IS the point of it all??

It's like getting your favourite jumper out of the wardrobe, unpicking it , laboriously, stitch by stitch, then laboriously knitting it back together again stitch by stitch.
Then realising you don't like the new shape it has become.

Meanwhile your country has undergone a major unravelling all by itself while your eye was off the ball.


Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Brexit: The Stroppy Teenager of the European Union.

Great Britain is Kevin the Teenager and the EU is the long suffering parent. It's almost funny.

GB: It's not fair, I hate my life.
EU: Well, life's not fair, we just all have to do our bit.
GB: I don't want to. It's not fair.
EU: Well, in life, sometimes it rains and sometimes it's sunny.
GB: I 'ate the rain.
EU: It makes the crops grow.
GB: I 'ate crops, they're boring.
EU: Life can be fun or life can be boring. It's up to you how you see things.
GB: You're lying, everyfink's boring.
EU:Life can be fun, the whole of Europe could be your playground. Lots of art, culture, friendships, food, lots of people to back you up if you find yourself in trouble, a sense of camaraderie, a union of people with the same goals.
GB: My dad said you stole all our fish. My dad said you stole all our jobs. My dad said  you are all krupt (sic)
EU: Go to bed Kevin, we'll deal with you in the morning. (Weary sigh)

End of Day One.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Brexit and The Fire of London.

I find it really difficult to believe that despite the recent terror attacks, the rising prices, the falling pound, the horrendous fire and the likely consequences of it (massive scale of re-housing countrywide seems possible) that we are STILL entertaining our departure from the EU.
Especially now that we have Macron and a bright new optimism sweeping through the EU.
It's like the Cinderella story - reversed.
How I wish Brexit was just a fairy tale, I would chuck the book in the bin.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Brexit: Where Do We Call Home?

Mrs May's position as Prime Minister has become untenable. 
Before becoming PM, Mrs May was Home Secretary responsible for home affairs, the police, citizenship etc.
She has come under fire for cutting police numbers when the threat and indeed incidents of actual terrorism are escalating at an alarming rate. We need more nurses, more police and more fire fighters -not less- to deal with these incidents.

'The fire' (that's how it will be remembered) has left a horrifying Syria-like symbol, the burnt husk of a building, a looming  menace on the skyline of the capital. A symbol of so much of what has gone wrong. So many dead, so many missing, such a cruel waste of innocent lives. Why did the building alight so ferociously? 

The weeping and the wailing. 

Who did we need on this , the most terrifying of nights?
The fire-fighters and the police and the nurses.

Where does the buck stop?
With the Home Secretary at the time of the refurbishment? The council? 

It seems almost wrong to bring Brexit into the equation, a bit disrespectful so I'll say only this:
The appetite for Brexit has gone. We have too many other issues to worry about. There is a new optimism in Europe, it seems to be getting strong again.
We need to be in and not out of Europe.

We need a PM who is prepared to listen to the mood of the people. We haven't got one.

And tonight there will indeed be, thousands and thousands of people who will not be sleeping safely in their beds.


Thursday, 15 June 2017

Brexit : Unwise Decisions.

In his 'quiet' voice Sir John Major tells a chilling message, one which we ignore at our peril.

We tend to think of 'terrorists' these days as being the Islamic Extremists.

History is young however. For the uninformed I suggest Googling The Hyde Park and Regent's Park bombings which occurred on 20 July 1982.
Dead bodies and dead horses lay motionless in the golden streets of London. The blood was on the hands of the IRA.

No-one thought there would be an end to the violence or the disruption or the terror and inconvenience of that period.

Yet, following years and years of bitterness, hurt and contempt we now have an albeit fragile peace process. 

In some sectors The Good Friday Agreement is being hailed as a talisman for a peace process to be discussed with IS.

Yet this fragile peace is in jeopardy as our megalomaniac PM, the one with NO majority in the House is prepared to put peace into pieces in order to ensure an exit from the EU  on a majority referendum vote from the people of 4%.

In order to gain a majority for her unwise Brexit plans Mrs May is prepared to enter a coalition with the DUP  thus contravening the Good Friday Agreement.

Utter, complete, irresponsible, unforgivable, dangerous madness.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Brexit; Skewed Facts.

We are a sensible nation who were asked to cast our votes in a referendum unlike any other in our history. The facts we were given were skewed or blatant lies.
I think it fair to say that a lot of people who were thoroughly fed up at the time, for various reasons, stomped along to the polling station and firmly indented their cross in the box that seemed  to give vent to their fury.
Months go by and those people are busy getting on with their real lives and probably don't give their vote a fleeting thought.
52% of those who voted chose to 'leave' the EU.
But 48% voted to remain in the EU.
The entire future of our nation is being decided on a measly 4% majority.

We now find that the leader of our nation has NO majority with which to steer the course of  the Brexit ship through the most turbulent of waters.

Leaving aside the rather (in my opinion) odious thought of aligning ourselves with the DUP  in order to gain a majority, is it really impossible to have a total re-think?

Surely even the hard-line Brexiteers would be prepared to talk, to compromise and to be sensible about the entire disaster that Brexit has become?

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Brexit And The Right Wing Press.

In my opinion the nasty right wing press along with Mrs May all shot themselves in the feet during the campaign. Which is amusingly ironic. 
The ridiculous Daily Mail got its knickers in a right old twist- I scanned some of the bile written there while visiting my old dad. (I would not be seen dead with a copy of that rag ) The almost hysterical  ' Jeremy is SO horrible, no we mean really.really horrible' tosh was childish and ineffectual. The treatment of Diane Abbott was bordering on cruelty and to be honest quite shameful
There's only so much hate one can take and by dishing out so much it became counter-productive.
Add  to that the awful May campaign. May could probably get a job playing a Dalek in the next series of Doctor Who...'S_T_R_O_N_G _A_N_D_S_T_A_B_L_E etc and the other annoying boring soundbites.
The refusal to debate, well, we're not daft- if she is too scared to debate will she also be too scared to negotiate?
Then we have the Lib-Dem's who fell at the first post with the cannabis and the spaniel debacles.
And all through this embarrassing mess we have a clearly bemused JC  talking sense and being, shock, horror, quite a nice bloke.
So along with policies like 'Push a Pensioner Down The Stairs Policy' and 'The Kids Can Eat Cake Policy' the disgraceful press reporting and the snobby assumption that May would simply carry it off backfired in stupendous fashion.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Brexit And Michael Gove.

Watch your backs!! Michael Gove has returned  to the the building. (He of 'the short shift dress worn with knee high boots' description of Trump's aide) and the knife in the back of Boris of course.

Jeremy Hunt (typo) is retaining his position as Unhealthy Secretary.

Damian Green is back to prove that 'The Push the Pensioner Down the Stairs Policy' does not work in all cases.

We now hope for a 'soft Brexit' although the government has been banging on about a 'hard Brexit' despite the fact that now we all know what Brexit actually means, we want a 'put Brexit in the bin Brexit'

Joining us for the negotiations is a party which is anti-gay, anti LGBT, anti-abortion, anti-women's rights, terrorists, and climate change deniers.

You really couldn't make it up.

History will recoil at the idiocy of 2016/7.


Brexit And Intuition.

I wonder if politicians ever tune into their 'intuition.'
My 'intuition' would be telling me not to go down the DUP route as it will probably alienate:
The huge gay community in Britain and across the world.
The huge LGBT community in Britain and across the world.
The entire women's movement in Britain and across the world. 
The zillions of citizens in Britain and across the world who are very worried indeed about climate change.

My intuition would be telling me that by alienating huge swathes of disaffected voters I may well be shooting myself in the other foot.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Brexit Botched.

No Brexit is better than a Botched Brexit.

Let's call the whole thing off. 

If Mrs May is seriously considering the DUP there will be anarchy in the UK. A summer of discontent. 
But will she listen?????